any engaged couples have begun breaking the rules to add spice to their wedding day and we're all for throwing tradition out the window when it comes to planning your wedding. It's time we start thinking outside of the box and focus more attention on how YOU want this day to end! We've seen some amazing ideas pop up online in recent years and now we're sharing our favorites with you.

1. Leave the First Row Open for Wedding Party

Traditionally weddings include the wedding party standing beside the couple during the ceremony, however, some couples may opt to have their party sit in the first row. This allows them to also enjoy the ceremony with the rest of your guests and takes the spotlight off them, placing it solely on the bride and groom. If you want to go the extra mile, maybe scrap a wedding party altogether and just say I do with your best friend at the altar. 

2. Send A Mood Board with The Color Palette in The Wedding Invitation

Ever notice how some wedding guests match the wedding theme? You can make this happen for your wedding too! Just send out an email or attach additional splotches to your invitation with the color palette of choice and they'll be set. It's not just about looking good together, but it helps put everyone into character as well since each person is wearing what he or she believes his/her personality fits best - from bolder tones to more neutral hues; there really isn't anything off limits when you're creating a mood board for your wedding day. It will also take some stress off your guests as they shop for that perfect outfit.

3. Wedding Day Scent

There are so many special moments in life that deserve to be celebrated with a little fragrance. You can always remember your special day by a simple scent. If you have an everyday perfume but want something different for the wedding (or any other occasion), choose one that’s only worn on significant days - i.e anniversaries or birthdays! Tailor this scent to you. Have a spring wedding? Choose a light floral or rainy fresh scent. Is your wedding during the holidays? Maybe go for a gingerbread or piney scent. They are the perfect way to celebrate any event and years later that one fragrance can transport you back to the day you said I do!

4. Film Wedding Photos

Videography plays a huge role in everyday life. With technology at its best, it is so easy to capture the best moments in life in HD. Why not incorporate this into your special day? You don’t have to pick and choose between photography or videography. Ask your wedding photographer if they are willing to mix it up and do both. You could also set up disposable cameras at every table for your guests to practice their skills or have a polaroid board where they can hang up their portraits like a visual guest book. Another unique was to film your big day could include individual clips of your guests wishing you well and giving their best advice for your new chapter. 

5. Have An “In Memorial” Table

When you have lost someone who has been very important in your life, it can be difficult to celebrate these events without them. But expressing how much they were loved and missed will help keep their memory alive forevermore! So put together an “in memorial” table made up of photos, memorabilia, and favorite food items from when he/she was still here with us- even if it’s just one item like maybe their favorite drink; anything that tells your guests about them as a person and why you wish heaven could let them visit for just a day. 

6. Unity Shot or Drink

If you want to get everyone involved in the wedding, have them participate by giving unity shots or cocktails/beers during or after the ceremony. This should definitely be disclosed to all of your guests beforehand, so no one leaves with harsh feelings - just make sure they're included before sealing it with a kiss! This untraditional custom isn’t for everyone, however, if your friends and family are okay with it, this can make your wedding day that much more sentimental. 

7. Walk Down the Aisle Together

Traditionally the groom waits at the altar and the bride is walked down the aisle to her husband by her father or the man in her life that holds that position. But what if your parents have passed or do not plan to attend? Opting to walk down the aisle together is a memorable way to kick off this new life together. You get to walk hand-in-hand with your partner in life, taking on this exciting journey that will be full of ups and downs but also full love every step along the way! This also gives the option for the bride and groom to have a special first look moment before the ceremony.

8. Have A Social Media Minute

Have you heard of the social media minute? It’s an idea that will help your guests stay off their phones during the ceremony. We all know how much people love taking pictures and video, even if it means breaking a rule! To create this fun activity for everyone attending your big event (including yourself), have one person announce right after they pronounce you married – “You may now take out your cellphones." This relieves the headache of drilling your guests on an unplugged ceremony and allows you to inform them that there will be a specific time they can take all the photos they wish. It helps all guests enjoy your ceremony together and helps your photographer snag all the right angles without those phones in every shot. 

9. Rent A Bouncy House

Bouncy houses aren’t just for kids! One way to get creative with your reception is to rent a bounce house! It’s great fun for all of your guests and makes for some of the best memories, and pictures, of the night. Just be mindful of those indulging in your open bar.