uestioning if that wedding rehearsal is necessary? We have some reasons why wedding rehearsals are an important detail that will benefit your wedding in more ways than one!

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What is a wedding rehearsal?

The day or night before your wedding, yourself, and all the people in your party will have a chance to practice walking down the aisle before your big day. You'll also get time for some last-minute nerve-calming while standing with your partner and those closest to you. This typically includes a practice walk down the aisle, standing at the altar with a quick run-down of the ceremony, and then a recession back up the aisle. After this 30-minute practice, a dinner normally follows. It depends on what kind of ceremony/reception style was chosen by the parties involved - but first things first: let’s focus solely upon how much fun rehearsal itself can actually entail.

Why should we do a wedding rehearsal?

Probably one of the best things about having a wedding rehearsal is that it gives you an opportunity to work out any kinks in advance and make sure everything will go smoothly on your big day. With any big event, we recommend jumping at the opportunity to run through the event beforehand but below are six reasons to rehearse for your wedding walk!

1. There’s a lot Going on During Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a busy and exciting time. You, your partner-to-be, and the people walking down the aisle with you are all expected to know their roles beforehand so that everything goes off without a hitch on game day! This session gives everyone an opportunity in advance to practice which ensures no one gets lost or confused during such hectic moments of anticipation leading up to the wedding. If you have individuals reading passages or you plan to incorporate religious traditions into the ceremony, this also allows you to get the cues down, so you know when and where to go beforehand

2. Great Meet and Greet Time

Putting faces with names is such a relief, and it’s also helpful for bridesmaids or groomsmen to start building rapport before the big day. This will make sure that everyone has fun on your special occasion! While there have probably been introductions at your engagement party, bridal shower, or bachelor/bachelorette parties, this doesn’t ensure that everyone has met or will be comfortable during the festivities. Putting faces to names and getting comfortable with each other is a top priority before you walk. 

3. Your Group can Shake those Jitters Out

Everyone has different personalities; some may want to take center stage and others probably enjoy being behind the scenes. While jitters between the couple are well known, your wedding party may also suffer from nervousness before the wedding. Rehearsals allow everyone involved to get those nerves under control and relieve the pressure of the unknown. It also allows kids who may be walking to get comfortable while performing their roles so you can work out these potential roadblocks ahead of time.

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4. The Key People Can be Introduced

Rehearsals aren’t just for wedding party introductions! There are many key individuals involved in your big day and they also need to be recognized beforehand so they can be sought out if anything is needed. Your wedding planner (if you have one), officiant, and any venue/vendor owners that may play important roles in your wedding will also benefit from a meet and greet with your party prior to the wedding. This allows your party to seek them out for help or guidance throughout this event.

5. It only Lasts 30-60 minutes!

While all of this seems like it could simply be talked through without the hassle of getting everyone together or dishing out extra fees for venue rental and dinner, wedding rehearsals are short! They typically last between a half-hour to an hour and fly by. For such a quick event, it can relieve so much stress and allow everyone to feel more confident in their role while answering any questions and concerns. 

6. It’s Probably Already Included in Your Cost

Some couples host their ceremony at a different location from where their reception will take place while others hold the ceremony and reception on the same property. No matter what, most rehearsals are included in the price of your space rental for free! This allows you to get the best of both worlds without any additional costs. Don’t forget to double-check with the venue prior to your big day, but in the event it is, take the opportunity! 

Don’t Skip the Wedding Rehearsal!

Social media and the internet are full of tips on the Dos and Don’ts of wedding planning and rehearsal but we recommend choosing to keep your rehearsal in your schedule for smooth sailing. Choosing to skip out on this practice time could remove time for clarity and connection resulting in the potential for miscommunication during your wedding day. Not only will your rehearsal clear up all of your concerns and questions, it also gives you quality time with all of your family and friends before you say I do.