he small wedding trend is here to stay, but that doesn't mean you need an intimate ceremony with just your loved ones. A registry office celebration combined with a restaurant reception or city event can also be perfect for those looking forward to their big day without wanting it too soon! If you’re asking yourself “how can we make our tiny wedding special?” we've put together some tips on how to make sure this moment feels extra-special.

1. Make the Ceremony Meaningful & Inclusive

The ceremony is the most important part of your wedding. It's where you say "I do" to someone else and create a life together, so make sure it has meaning for both of you! The music played during this time can have an unforgettable impact on how guests feel about everything that follows. Specify exactly what kind of mood would best suit your style. Choosing symbolic readings (such as reading from scripture), personalizing your vows, involving your guests in rituals, or even taking care to choose the perfect atmosphere all make your ceremony unforgettable and special to you both.

2. Add Lots of Personal Touches

Choosing a small wedding allows you to save on your budget and spend that money on personal touches. Think of the little details that will make your day intimate and impactful. Personal touches like writing a note for each guest, including photos that are special to you and menu options tailored just to them, or having an intimate cocktail hour with song choices you know are favorites among others in attendance - all these things can be achievable when planning small weddings! Bigger isn't always better; don’t focus on filling up your venue because it’s in the budget or catering solely to your guests. A smaller ceremony allows for a smaller reception so tailor your events to you and what will make it special for you both. 

3. Indulge in the Pre-wedding Prep

A smaller ceremony may mean you have more free hours, so why not spend them pampering yourself? Get your hair done or makeup applied before the big event starts, start your day with a massage or hot towel treatment- this will make all those nerves go away! You deserve it after putting together such an amazing celebration in honor of your lifelong partnership. 

4. Stay Somewhere Fabulous

The significance of your big day shouldn't only be felt by you and those attending the wedding. While most smaller weddings are closer to home, why not celebrate by ending the night in a bed that isn’t your own? Stay the night in an awesome AirBnB rental like a cottage with views from anywhere. Consider taking a small trip to hold your wedding. Maybe rent a lakeside rental big enough for your ceremony but just small enough that you and your significant other can enjoy a few days alone before or after your big day. Don’t forget about treating yourselves during this special time – go ahead take advantage of all these great options available when saving on that big blowout event. 

5. Document the Day

Your wedding day is a special occasion, and it should be documented beautifully. It doesn't matter if you're having an intimate gathering with just two people or hosting hundreds in celebration, taking pictures throughout the event will give you great memories for years to come! Investing some money into hiring professional photography services can really make all those moments last longer through gorgeous shots. With a smaller ceremony, you can capture all of those intimate moments for special keepsakes. Look into half-day packages as this may save you money when choosing a small wedding/elopement. 

6. Stick to Traditions (if you want to)

We believe in keeping what works for you. But if your small wedding feels like it isn't quite a wedding - add a few traditions throughout to make sure this becomes one big happy occasion. Embrace the traditional white dress and veil, even if it costs more than the venue rental or occasion. If you want to go extravagant with your flower arrangements, do it! Smaller doesn’t mean less expression. Some couples prefer low-key celebrations while others want fuss-free affairs...we say there are always moments worth highlighting no matter how large.

7. Lean into the Intimacy

The vibe of your wedding is important, so don't force the fun. If you have a small ceremony or reception with only close family and friends, it may not feel like there's enough energy in the room. A smaller crowd does mean better conversations and memories made. It also relieves the pressure of greeting every guest as you have more flexibility and one on one time with everyone

8. Try Not to Worry

Imagine your wedding day. It's going to be a special time, and you don't want it any other way than how it was originally planned- so try not let those thoughts of "I should have asked" or others like them keep coming up in the background when everything else is going on!  The guests who are attending will feel just as passionate about this momentous occasion because they've been invited to such a special, intimate event. Don’t forget, you can always celebrate again with all of those guests you couldn’t invite.