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Making The Story

Thrilled to review Hospitality Butler! Particularly Matt's exceptional work for our engagement. Matt's detail-oriented approach and unwavering commitment stood out. He ensured flawlessness, surpassing expectations. Expertise and dedication shone throughout. He listened to our ideas, dreams, and skillfully brought them to life, exceeding imagination. Creative flair, meticulous organization, and coordination made our wedding magical. Grateful to Matt and Hospitality Butler for their invaluable support. Their professionalism and passion created an unforgettable experience. Wholeheartedly recommend for an extraordinary, stress-free wedding journey.


Love blossomed and dreams took flight on October 29, 2022, as Richie and Darren embarked on a journey towards their magical wedding day. Nestled within the exquisite master gardens of their dear friend Beth Earley, their celebration exuded luxury and sophistication at every turn. From enchanting musical melodies to breathtaking décor, this event was a true testament to their love and commitment. Join us as we delve into the splendid details of Richie and Darren's extraordinary wedding day, where every moment was crafted with perfection.

Setting the Stage:

Under a starlit sky, guests were welcomed into the breathtaking world of c. As they strolled through the lush surroundings, a symphony of chandeliers and twinkling lights illuminated the night, setting the stage for an evening of elegance. The enchanting melodies of the Upstate Strings Trio, featuring a violinist and cello, filled the air, creating an atmosphere of sheer romance.

A Walk to Forever:

As the music reached a crescendo, Darren and Richie took their first steps towards their future. The melodious tunes of "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban and "All of Me" by John Legend guided their path towards an open heart structure. Petals of delicate roses adorned the path, leading the couple towards a symbol of their unyielding love.

A Proposal to Remember:

The engagement moment was a culmination of love, surprise, and overwhelming joy. Richie chose the heartfelt melody of "All I Ask of You" by Josh Groban to profess his love to Darren. Anticipation filled the air as guests anxiously observed from inside the home. With emotions running high, Richie knelt down on one knee, sealing their commitment forever. Darren's resounding "yes" echoed through the night, as tears of happiness embraced the couple. To commemorate the occasion, Richie presented Darren with a single rose, symbolizing their blossoming love. The couple then raised their champagne flutes in a toast to their future together, surrounded by the warmth and love of their guests.

Capturing the Magic:

Julia Laible Photography and Secret Society Weddings' Darien were the maestros behind capturing every precious moment of the engagement. Through their lens, they immortalized the raw emotions, tender embraces, and radiant smiles that painted the canvas of Richie and Darren's love story. Their artistry ensured that these cherished memories would be treasured for a lifetime.

Culinary Delights and Artful Flora:

La-Tea-Da's Catering, renowned in Charlotte, NC, curated a culinary experience fit for royalty. Exquisite dishes and craft cocktails delighted the guests' palates, leaving a lasting impression of culinary excellence. The lavish floral arrangements, curated by Annette from Not Your Granny's Florist, added a touch of natural beauty to the celebration. Each petal and bloom harmoniously accentuated the decor, creating an ambiance of refinement and sophistication.

An Illuminating Experience:

Chandelier Events worked their magic, illuminating the venue with their expert lighting design. The interplay of soft hues and cascading light created an ethereal atmosphere, accentuating the beauty of the surroundings. The glow from the chandeliers transformed the gardens into a fairytale-like backdrop, leaving guests in awe of the majestic setting.

Crafting Perfection:

Leading the way to an impeccable event, Matt Starnes from Hospitality Butler orchestrated every detail flawlessly. As the planner and designer, Matt ensured that Richie and Darren's vision came to life, weaving together elements of luxury, elegance, and personal touches. His meticulous attention to detail and passion for creating unforgettable experiences shone through every aspect of the wedding day.

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